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O.J. in the Sunshine State

I was very pleased to be invited south in snowy January to visit the Tampa JCC. We had a great event talking and signing books, making puppies out of mini-juice cartons, enjoying pizza and homemade "puppy chow". Here are some pics. (I also enjoyed attending the JCC's adult author event, which involved vodka and pickles, afterward)


GOATILOCKS is out! And kids are devouring it.

See for yourself:

And thanks, Mr. Schu, for launching my book trailer AND offering a giveaway!  Wanna win one of the TWO available copies of GOATILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS?  Go see Mr. Schu!

Can't wait or wanna bring even more GOATILOCKS to the kids in your life?  Get your goat HERE, via my local independent bookseller, Politics and Prose, and I'll hoof it on down and sign 'em for you!

And in case you thought GOATILOCKS was just for kids, think again.




Pleased that PW got my goat(ilocks)!

Here's the full review: Goldilocks as a goat? It’s unlikely casting, but Perl (Chicken Butt!) and Howard (Mr. Putter and Tabby) pull it off with abundant good humor. Perl’s conversational prose acknowledges readers’ familiarity with the storyline: “When the bears went out for a walk one morning... well, you can probably guess what Goldilocks did.” It’s not too outrageous that Goatilocks eats the spoon along with Baby Bear’s porridge (the bowl soon disappears, as well), but what really brings the laughs is that Goatilocks also eats Baby Bear’s chair and bed after finding them “just right.” The story’s colloquial tone (“Hey, where’s my chair?” complains Baby Bear) and Howard’s (Mr. Putter and Tabby) freewheeling watercolors create a rollicking atmosphere. Goatilocks has expressive googly eyes, pink ears, and a polka-dot bow around her neck, while the bears, with their broad, round features, could have stepped out of a recent Charmin ad. The ending plays on Goatilocks’s indiscriminating appetite, and kids won’t be surprised by what happens to the flowers she brings the bears in apology.


March Maaaah-dness!

After all that bad weather, March went out like a, uh, lamb?


Two Great School Visits

I got to visit two great DC public schools with two great organizations this month:  Miner Elementary School with An Open Book Foundation, and Patterson Elementary School with Turning the Page.  Thanks very much to my publisher, Scholastic, for working with these organizations so that every child could receive a signed book!  Here are some photos: